Image Cytometry


Image cytometry, at the interface between conventional flow cytometry and microscopy, makes it possible to quantify many morphological parameters on a large number of cells. This technology is used in different fields (immunology, oncology, microbiology, parasitology, etc.) with multiple applications ranging from morphology analysis, to measurements of internalization, translocation, co-localization, cellular interaction, d cell cycle analysis, autophagy or spot counting…

The objective of this group, which brings together experts from various French-speaking research institutes, is to promote scientific exchanges between experienced and novice users in order to promote the emergence of applications, the integration of new data processing approaches, or more simply, the dissemination of good practices. Through this group and through the AFC, we want to make this technology more visible and energize it by offering various events supported by this association (theme days and/or workshops, training).

List of participant:

– Valérie Duplan-Eche                   Infinity, Toulouse                                                   <>
– Sébastien Dussurgey                 SFR Biosciences, Lyon                                       <>
– Yohann Demont                          CHU, Amiens                                                       <>
– Michaël Dussiot                           Institut IMAGINE, Paris                                        <>
– Coralie Guérin                             Institut Curie, Paris                                              <>
– Jérémie Cosette                          Généthon, Evry                                                   <>
– Fanny Hédin                                Luxembourg Insitute of Health                            <>
– Myriam Boyer-Clavel                   IGMM, Montpellier                                                <>
– Marie-Laure Renoud                    Restore, Toulouse                                              <>
– Anne-Laure Raveu                       Cymages, Université de Versailles                    <>
– Aude Malfait-Jobart                      Cymages, Université de Versailles                     <>

Les coordinateurs

Valérie Duplan-Eche

Institut Toulousain des Maladies Infectieuses et Inflammatoires (INFINITy)

Inserm UMR1291 – CNRS UMR5051 , Université Toulouse III

Bât F / CHU Purpan – BP 3028

31024 Toulouse cedex 3

+33 (0)5 31 54 79 11

Les comptes-rendus

Groups meetings :

24 June 2020 : Presentation and definition of group objectives

19 October 2020 : Presentation of open source tools for data analysis (Yohann Demont)

3 November 2020 : Presentation of new approaches for processing ‘Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence’ data (Luminex)

1 January2021 : Discussion on the organization of webinars

9 March 2021 : Webinar format with provisional calendar (1st Webinar scheduled for June 14, 2021, to be confirmed)



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