President’s Word

Dear Members, Sponsors,

Dear Colleagues and friends,

As a member of the French Cytometry Association for more than thirty years, you elected me in 2016 to its Board. The Board decided to appoint me as President in October 2018.

Daily I am actively committed to represent you, to accompany all the members of the Board to promote our association and to ensure the execution and respect of its missions.

The French Cytometry Association aims to ensure the expertise and promotion of cytometry in biology. Our daily goals are:

For our current members and perspective members I want to assure you that my intention is to grow AFC without limits.  I look forward to a productive successful presidency and invite each of you to participate, and most important become involved.

I’m proud to begin my second mandate of three years as President of the Association of French Cytometry, my ambition remains intact.

Wishing you a good and successful 2022, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,

Catherine Blanc