R&D Laboratory Technician

Employer : Surge

Localization : Paris

Agreement : CDi

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Engineer Cytometrie

Employer : Institut Curie

Localization : Saint Cloud

Agreement : CDD 36 mois

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For Sale : 10XGenomics Chromium ControllerA

Information : The 10XGenomics Chromium Controller, based on NextGEM technology, is a microfluidic instrument for isolating cells or cell nuclei from a suspension (biological sample) for transcriptomic, proteomic and/or epigenetic analysis in NGS at the scale of single cells or nuclei.

This instrument can capture molecular readouts of cell activity in multiple dimensions and have the ability to generate tens of thousands of single cell partitions, each containing an identifying barcode for downstream analysis.

Purchase date : Juin 2021

Under warranty the first year and maintenance contract since end of the warranty (current contract ends on 31/12/2023)

Price  : 15 000 euros

Please contact : for more information.

Recruitment of research engineer Technical manager of scientific platform

Employer : Nantes Université

Localization : Plateforme Cytocell, à Nantes

Agreement : CDD 12 month

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Flow Cytometry Technician Recruitmentcrutement

Employer : Université Clermont Auvergne

Location : Plateforme CICS

Employment contrat : CDD 1 year

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Technical manager with or without specialty title – 50%

Employer : Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève (HUG)

Localization : Service de pathologie clinique, département diagnostique

Agreement: CDD 1year, with possibility of stabilization

Activity rate : 50%, presence required: Monday, Wednesday, 3rd day to be discussed

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Educational team :

  • Bordeaux : Pr Chloé JAMES, Dr Olivier MANSIER , Dr Aguirre MIMOUN, Dr Jean-Philippe VIAL
  • Clermont- Ferrand : Pr Marc BERGER, Dr Louis Thomas DANNUS, Dr Benjamin LEBECQUE, Dr Richard VEYRAT-MASSON


  • o   Mastery of cytometer operating principles and settings
  • o   Mastery of the main nosological classes of blood diseases that can be diagnosed, with personalized follow-up of patients by flow cytometry and implementation of the various protocols

Know-how and skills :

  • o   Consideration of technical developments and knowledge in the diagnostic and follow-up approach in biological Hematology
  • o  Integration of clinicians’ requests in relation to therapeutic protocols (at diagnosis and during patient follow-up)

Deadline for applications : Otober 15, 2023

Training brochure

Assistant engineer in biological experimentation and instrumentation

Employer : CNRS-IPBS

Location : IPBS- Toulouse

Employment contrat : FSEP Fonctions Susceptibles d’Etre Pourvues

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Engineer Flow, Mass and Imaging Cytometry

Employer : National Cytometry platform (NCP)

Localization : Luxembourg Institute of Health

Agreement : CDD 2-5 ans

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Technician, Assistant Engineer, Engineer

Employer : Centre de Recherche en cancérologie de Lyon

Localization : CRCL

Agreement : Fixed term contract

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Assistant Ingénieur (H/F)

Employer : Inserm

Localization : HEGP et Institut Cochin

Agreement : CDD 9 mois

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Inserm Workshop 269
Methods for the study and analysis of in situ
cellular interactions by highly multiparametric imaging

Organizers: Nathalie BONNEFOY (Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, FRA), Bertrand DUBOIS (Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon, FRA), Henri-Alexandre MICHAUD (Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, FRA)

Aims : The aim of this workshop is to review the state of the art of medium and high multiparametric imaging approaches and to present analysis strategies for studying the heterogeneity of cellular networks in situ.


Information : Plaquette