EasyPanel Webinar: Automated/AI-guided Flow Cytometry Panel Designer

At the Cyto conference in Montreal 2 weeks ago, we picked up (flow-cytometry.net), a tool that uses AI to instantly designate optimized panels of cytometry (conventional and spectral). We therefore wish to communicate this information to the French cytometry community.

EasyPanel is a French startup that has developed an algorithm that automatically offers panels that minimize spillover/complexity/similarity score, match antigens to fluorochromes (based on expression/coexpression levels and fluorochrome brightness) and identify commercially available products (the tool is directly integrated with the commercial database of all suppliers, and is diagnostic of it).

About a hundred universities/pharma companies already use this tool, most of them in the US (but also a few in France: Pasteur, Servier, IGR…).

A webinar is therefore offered to you on June 29 to discover the interest of this software in your laboratories.

Follow the Webinar (Microsoft Teams) on June 29 at 11 a.m ICI 

Please feel free to forward this information to other researchers, engineers, technicians, students, clinicians who do cytometry/panel design.

See you on June 29, block the date in your calendars !


Catherine Blanc ,Présidente de l’AFC

 Omar Abouzid
EasyPanel Co-founder