Questionnaire : « Lost in Translation: Cytometry in a Multilingual Setting » workshop@CYTO-2023

Dear colleagues,
We are collecting information to assess the level of interest in educational materials in languages other than English for our « Lost in Translation: Cytometry in a Multilingual Setting » workshop at CYTO in Montreal which will take place on Sunday May 21 from 15:45 to 16:45 in room 511D. 

We created a survey which will take only 5 min to answer. The survey will be due at 5pm on May 10th.

Here is the link:

Some background and a link to CYTO 2023 Program:

Scientific communication at the higher level worldwide takes place in English and any scientist who wishes to advance their career internationally must be fluent. There is, however, a huge population of clinical, research and industrial cytometrists who are not English fluent and who are working at institutions where the primary language is not English. Often technical staff, both in research and clinical environments, are the ones operating the instruments and generating the data but are not able to follow training courses or teaching material in English. In this workshop we would like to address the issues encountered by English speaking or bilingual faculty teaching in countries where this has been a difficulty and explore ways to improve them. The second topic is to put into place a system to identify and gather educational material, whether in English or already existing in other languages, to translate into multiple languages and to make the translated material available for free access to all who can benefit.

Could you please diffuse this information and survey to anyone or groups who might be interested? Welcome any of the associated societies or persons who might be interested in participating in this endeavor for different languages to attend the workshop. If you are not coming to CYTO you can contact Zosia directly at the emails below. 

Thanks for your time and support!

Our Best Regards,

Zosia Maciorowski,
Catherine Blanc 
Maggie Wang
Mariela Bollati