Clinical Biosecurity

The French Association of Cytometry proposes to take stock of health and safety practices in clinical cytometry laboratories. It is known that hospital laboratories are subject to a number of strict rules. The purpose of this questionnaire is to allow you to assess how these rules are applied in the daily practice of your laboratory as well as the level of completeness of their implementation.

Participate in the clinical biosafety questionnaire !

This questionnaire is designed to allow an inventory of practices, but also to identify areas for improvement if the local infrastructure, hospital organization or available equipment have not allowed the implementation of certain measures. Finally, it also aims to collect your suggestions for improving current practice.

This questionnaire seems long at first glance, but it is quick to complete (tested in less than 10 minutes, watch in hand), in particular because you only have to answer yes or no or simply tick one or more items to the vast majority of questions.

You can answer without the slightest reservation or restraint since the collection of information is anonymous. It is naturally important that as many laboratories as possible participate in this questionnaire in order to have the most precise vision possible of our practices.

Finally, we will of course come back to you with the data analysis.

We thank the BD Biosciences and Beckman Coulter laboratories for their participation in this questionnaire.

Kind regards,
The AFC Clinical Biosafety Group
Anne Sophie Chrétien,
Rémi Letestu,
Christophe Parizot
Michel Ticchioni