Mobility charter AFC 2023

Mobility GRANT AFC

Allocation conditions 2023

As part of the pooling of knowledge, the AFC offers a mobility grant “Transfer of knowledge in cytometry”. This grant allows the financing of transport, accommodation and catering costs at the institutional flat rate up to €2000 as well as an invitation to the AFC congress with support for registration and accommodation. of the grant holder. The total value of the grant is 2800€. This grant is accessible to all members of the AFC up to date with their subscription for the year during which the training will take place (Year N), regardless of their supervisory authority and their status. In 2023, Two grants will be awarded.

This grantaims to enable members of the l’AFC :

This grant is not intended to finance services.

The grant application document can be downloaded online from the AFC website by clicking here
Application should be sent to the following email address : before the March 15, 2022

The admissibility of files and the decision to award a grant are made by majority vote of the members of the AFC board. The CA reserves the right to request additional information concerning the requests received.

The response will be sent before April 30 to the beneficiary, his manager and the manager of the host site, subject to obtaining any additional information as soon as possible.

The funding application file includes the “Knowledge transfer in cytometry” grant application file and a letter of acceptance from the head of the host laboratory.

The amount of this AFC scholarship is 2000€ maximum. Reimbursements will only be made upon sending the original supporting documents upon return from the stay (hotel bill, meals, train tickets, reception structure bill, etc.) and this before the end of year N. Repayment of costs incurred will be subject to submission of a report (sent to in the month following the return to mobility. This report must be validated by the internship tutor. It will make it possible to evaluate the involvement and the work carried out by the scholarship holder. This report will be published on the AFC website for the benefit of the AFC community. The beneficiary of the grant will be invited to present the work carried out thanks to this mobility grant at the annual AFC congress in year N or N+1. The registration fees for the congress and the hotel will be covered by the AFC up to €800.

The AFC Board of Directors will ensure the proper compliance of the supporting documents provided to it and will take into account the opinion of the head of the host laboratory before making any reimbursement during year N.

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